Dining in a warehouse

I’ve had dinner at a number of unusual locations, such as an old postal service building or a brewery, but an old warehouse is still special. So, imagine our surprise when we arrived at a hangar, but Lazy Jack is a restaurant and event hall situated in the neighborhood het Eilandje.

Although Lazy Jack was erected on a former harbor area, this old warehouse was redecorated as a massive room with a summer bar in the back. This summer bar is pointed towards the water of the Kattendijkdok, on which a few pleasure boats are floating. Furthermore, you get a view of the MAS and the bar is a container covered with wood. If you enter via the hangar, you walk through a summery interior with lots of wood and greenery. And a whole bunch of bottles of Bombay Sapphire, presumably this restaurant’s liquor supplier.

I visited Lazy Jack with a dear friend whom I’ve known since third grade. We arrived 20min earlier than when we had made reservations, which meant our table wasn’t available yet. That’s why we were escorted to a U-shaped table with a sheepskin and pillows on the benches. Here, we already ordered something to drink assuming we could eat at our reserved table later.

15min later, when a waitress came to take our dinner order, we were confounded. Firstly, we hadn’t even received our drinks yet. Secondly, we had assumed we would only be having drinks here. Apparently, we were also going to be dining at this table. My friend felt that was a pity because we were sitting next to each other and that way we couldn’t face each other now.

Then another waitress came to our table to report that the previous table hadn’t paid. We furrowed our brows. What did that have to do with us? Either the people who had sat at our table had left without paying, or the people sitting at our reserved table hadn’t paid yet. Either way, something like that isn’t our problem and staff should just get it fixed. What had Lazy Jack expected? That we were going to pay for the freeloaders? No way! Moreover, we were still without any drinks at that point.

When our drinks finally arrived, we were able to enjoy a cranberry mule mocktail. This hot pink beverage was sweet, but also nice and acidic thanks to the lime. The drinks had come far too late to my taste, because with these tropical temperatures (86°F in the shade) you had better absorb as many fluids as possible. By that point, I already had an incredibly dry throat.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for the food. We had both ordered hamburgers, which were accompanied by a refreshing salad and an oven dish of potato wedges. The latter had been garnished with sour cream, dried onions, chives, and parsley, and tasted delightfully. I’m guessing the salad contained bits of red beet, but salads aren’t quite my thing.

Oven-baked potato wedges

I had ordered a chianina burger. This meat is made from the Italian chianina cattle and is praised for its flavor and the supposed healthy nutrients it contains. I have to admit that the burger tasted delicious (just like bacon) and the meat was very juicy. The bun was nicely crisp and light, and the Parmesan cheese beautifully molten. I also tasted a hint of the truffle. The burger was a large serving, though, so it filled immensely.

Chianina burger

I can honestly say I’ve never eaten in a warehouse at a dock. We had to wait for our drinks a really long time and with this weather, that’s simply irresponsible. The trouble with the table was something staff should have fixed. The burger and potatoes tasted scrumptious, though. Lazy Jack receives the following rating:

  • Food: 5
  • Atmosphere and hospitality: 3
  • Eat – repeat: I happened to see a plate of ribs pass by and I wouldn’t mind tasting those.

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