Looking to take his new single “God’s Plan” to the next level, Drake decided to share its official video on Friday, calling it “the most important thing he’s ever done in his career.”

The video, which was directed by Kerana Evans, finds the Toronto rapper giving away its million dollar budget to those less fortunate in Miami, Florida. The 6 God decided to document his philanthropic efforts, such as giving $50,000 to a Miami college student, donating $25,000 to a Miami high school, buying food for an entire grocery story and giving stacks of cash to some families in need. “We’re nothing without our mothers, so thank you,” Drizzy tells one family.

Now hours after the release of the touching video, Drake decided to hop on Instagram Saturday afternoon and talk about various scenes from the video. Sharing numerous photos from the set, Drake captioned each one with a different story or moment that went along with it.

He kicked things off by sharing a picture of him dropping off the Jordans to the kids in the video, saying “Dropping off OVO J’s to some good youts,” before later talking about the unsafe shot of him on standing on the edge of the building. “Not the safest shot…but I’m still here to write this caption so it worked out.”

One of the more touching moments in the video is when Drake hands a mother & son a stack of cash, to which he says was also the toughest scene for him to shoot. “This was the toughest scene for me to try and keep it together. Mother and son with some of the strongest spirits I have encountered in my life. I pray you two continue to find the light and the fight within your bond. Blessed to have met you both 💙,” he said.

In addition, Drizzy also thanked everyone from Miami U and the Fire Station 7 for their help.

Check out Drake’s thoughts & feelings for various clips of the video (below), and be sure to watch the video right here if you missed it.