Ed Sheeran-Penned Song For Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Has Him In Hot Water

Ed Sheeran is in some hot water after a pair of Australian songwriters have accused the singer of ripping off the song they wrote for fellow Aussie star Jasmine Rae called “When I Found You” with a track he co-wrote for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill called “The Rest Of Our Life.”

Represented by Richard Busch, the attorney who conquered that whole “Blurred Lines” lawsuit for the Marvin Gaye estate, Carey and Golden believe that the country collab is a “blatant” rip-off and quite obvious to any casual listener. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lawsuit, which was filed last Wednesday (January 10), reveal a strong allegation in their complaint, stating that “the copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer.” “The Rest of Our Life” was released just last November and off the country titans’ self-titled album of the same name.

What’s interesting about this case is there are allegations by the plaintiffs that Sony Music Entertainment – the parent label of Arista Nashville, which released McGraw and Hill’s collaborative LP – was even aware of the copying of “When I Found You.” “It very well may have been an agent of Sony Music Entertainment who provided the other defendants herein with access to the Song,” the complaint reads. Click here to read The Hollywood Reporter‘s full breakdown of the lawsuit and scroll on below to listen to the tracks!

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