On Wednesday, September 12, 2018 NOBRO, Dilly Dally and headliner Fidlar performed to a SOLD OUT crowd at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. I had high expectations for this show because of the attention it had accumulated; in fact, when I first arrived at the venue, the line outside went right down the sidewalk and around the corner. It looked like it was going to be a very exciting night to say the least.


NOBRO was the first band to start the night off and wow, did they ever kick things off with a bang! This all-female Doom Pop band from Montreal Canada consists of Kathryn McCaughey (Lead vocals and Bass), Gabrielle La Rue (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Sarah Dion (Drums and Backing Vocals), and Lisandre Bourdages (Keys, Backing Vocals & Master of all things, basically). All of these women absolutely destroyed that stage taking over every inch of it; every song they performed had the crowd going wild — self included. For real, I had to pick my jaw up a few times off of the floor because I could not get over the intensity they brought, and the catchy sound they delivered. Aside from being ridiculously talented, this group of women could be incredibly inspirational for other young females dreaming of rocking out just as hard. NOBRO gave us sass, class and a kick-ass performance. I was sad when their set ended, they had put on a fantastic opening act and for sure gained a new fan in me that night.
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Dilly Dally was next to take the stage. This Alternative Rock band is native to Toronto and consists of Katie Monks (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Liz Ball (Guitar), Jimmy Tony (Bassist), and Benjamin Reinhartz (Drummer). The first thing I noticed from Dilly Dally was their personal style; these band members just looked cool, but that first note from Katie sold me on their performance right then. Her voice has a classic grunge feel and her range of vocals really impressed me. This set was powerful; it felt raw, emotional and the lighting added to the ethereal performance. They clearly had a lot of fans in attendance because I heard so many people singing the lyrics as loud as they could. It is amazing to see bands from home hustling and getting recognized on an international level. Dilly Dally put on a very impressive live show and I’m very excited to see where their future success takes them.
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The Headliner of the night, FIDLAR could not have started soon enough for the hardcore fans pressed right up against the barricades. Before Fidlar appeared on stage, the concert theatre echoed with chants for them. Which wasn’t surprising; it’s been a few years since their last trip to Toronto and their more frequent teases of a third album has fans on edge really wanting more. This Punk Rock band is from Los Angeles, California, and consists of Zac Carper (Rhythm guitar and Vocals), Brandon Schwartzel (Bass and Backing Vocals), Elvis Kuehn (Lead guitar and Backing Vocals) and Max Kuehn (Drums). They had fans of all ages singing, jumping, moshing and crowd surfing shortly into their first song. The entire set was chaos, and in the best way possible! The room was so packed full of people which made it hard to move around, but you could totally feel the love all around! Fidlar ended the night on a high note, giving their fans what they needed and proving to Toronto that Punk is not dead!
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The night overall was one heck of an energetic experience and I would suggest checking out all three of these bands!


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