Future Generations, Melodically Slid Into The Hearts Of Many In Atlanta

Written By | Rita Harper

Brooklyn bred indie pop band “Future Generations”, melodically slid into the hearts of many in Atlanta, GA on November 28th, 2018.   

Photo By | Rita Harper

The band is on a countrywide tour and graciously made an appearance in Atlanta Georgia! The venue of choice being Terminal West, which is a concert venue in Atlanta, GA that boasts an unforgettable antique design. Walking in, I am immediately put in the mindset of a 1920’s opera house. The stage is set up with antique guitars with burgundy theatre drapes enclosing the concert hall.  

Fans begin to trickle in grabbing drinks while they await the bands performance. As a band that appears to have a cult following, fans began to inquire with each other as to how they first heard of the band fanatically. 

Photo By | Rita Harper

Old jazz and blues music are played over the speakers to fill the time, and fans patiently wait for the arrival of the band. 

Yellow neon lights are brought up, fog seeps onto the stage, and the five musical comrades go right into performing the pop, funk infused songs they are known for. They are a high-energy band whom have a seamless chemistry, catching the rhythm and feeding off the vibes of one another.  

After performing their first song, they give a brief introduction to the crowd as to who they are and their humble beginnings. After the brief conversation with the crowd, the band went into tracks off their second full length album “Landscape”. 

Photo By | Rita Harper

The first record off the highly anticipated project they strum into is “Suddenly”, a high power ballad that is entrancing as the lead singer puts his soul into belting the lyrics. The crowd is moved and swaying left to right in unison, while the guitar players are back to back strumming fiercely, hyping the crowd into frenzy! 

The lights turn a lilac shade of purple, and the band goes right into “Landscape” an obvious fan favorite as the crowd sings along not missing a word.  During the performance, the lead singer begins dancing frantically across the stage, swaying his blonde tresses left to right to the rhythm of the song.  His band mates contribute to the jovial energy by strumming and dancing along simultaneously, making this performance a gift to witness.  

Photo By | Rita Harper

After performing one last track from the album, they bid the crowd adieu. A quick performance indeed, but powerful nonetheless. They thanked the fans for joining them for the intimate jam session, and assured them this would not be the last they hear of them.

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