Gary Numan Draws A Crowd At Canton Hall in Dallas

Written By | Alexandra Thomas

Fans lined up, wrapping around Canton Hall waiting for doors to open to go see Gary Numan on a cloudy Sunday night.  Everyone was eager to get in, when it hit 7 o’ clock, the doors finally opened and the crowd rushed inside to get a good spot. It got more and more packed by the minute. Some fans stopped at the bar to get a drink before the show, and other fans waited at the front of the barricades excited for Gary Numan to walk out on stage.

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Nightmare Air, the opening band, kicked off the night and got the crowd pumped up for the show to come.  Nightmare Air had an incredible set and the audience loved their music and the show they put on.  Whether or not people knew of Nightmare Air when they arrived, they certainly left as a fan.

Once Gary Numan hit the stage, the audience became ecstatic. He started the night off with “Everything Comes Down to This”, a song off of his album, Big Noise Transmission, which was released in 2012. Throughout the night, the venue became packed with happy fans who were singing and dancing along to the music.  The night came to an end with Gary Numan singing his song “A Prayer For the Unborn”. Everyone had a great time on this Sunday night and left with a smile on their face.
Photos By | Alexandra Thomas
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