“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Grace Potter in Atlanta at Tabernacle with Devon Gilfillian

Written By | Tyler Anderson

It was a wet night in Atlanta, Georgia on January 19, 2020. Everybody rushed around trying to get inside the Tabernacle without getting drenched. It was a night to be remembered.

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Devon Gilfillian, an up and comer from Nashville,TN, opened up the show! Bringing his strong voice to the table he kicked it off right and blew the crowd away. Combining a smooth bluesy voice with a hint of synth rock, it was incredible. Rounding out the set with his hit song “Troublemaker”, it really set the mood for Grace to come out and rock it.

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Opening with “Daylight” the mood was immediately set! Grace took command of the stage, directing the audience like an orchestra conductor. Ripping right into Delirious, she ran laps around the stage dancing and jumping on seemingly endless energy. The crowd was so energetic you would have thought the floor was going to fall through! The Tabernacle was slammed all the way up to the third floor, people packed into every possible spot.

“Love is Love” put the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Whatever rain was brought in by guests was surely dried up by the heat the band was bringing on stage. A twenty one song set was more than anybody could have asked for. It had been four years since she had “Grace-d” us with her presence in Atlanta, but it was well worth the wait. After fittingly closing the main set with Nothing But the Water (I) and Nothing But the Water (II), she exited the stage to a roar of applause begging for an encore.


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A massive four song encore was everything we could have asked for after a show at this caliber. It’s clear that Grace Potter still has it and she will continue to bring the heat for years to come.

Photo Credit | Tyler Anderson