Groovy Souled-Out Band Amen Dunes Gives Atlanta a Show to Remember at Terminal West

Written By | Fletcher Briggs

On Wednesday January the 23rd I experienced an awesome show by the groovy souled-out band known as Amen Dunes. This event took place in Atlanta, Georgia at a live music venue called Terminal west. Terminal West has two open bars along as a wing dedicated for food with a cafe. It was raining the entire night from the time that the doors opened to the time everyone walked out, but the rain didn’t stop them from filling the entire venue out. There was tables for people who were disabled or for those who wanted to chill and listen to good music and drink with their friends. There was also a nice setup for fans to grab some t-shirts supporting the acts.

The night started off with a band from Philadelphia who goes by the name of Arthur. The surely did not disappoint. Arthur started to get busy very quickly by getting everyone of their feet with an awesome drum solo in which transitioned perfectly to their first song. If I could describe the vibes I received from their music I would go with electrifying. They were very humble and left finished their set with a bang and a huge thank you to the crowd. Their performance was so good I had to show love and support by buying myself an Arthur t-shirt.

Lastly, we got to the main headliners with the one and only Amen Dunes. I couldn’t picture a better way to come out the way that they did. All of the lights darkened to where it was almost pitched black minus the bar lights. The instrumentals played and it built up perfect anticipation. The next thing you know they run out and grab their instruments and get to work ! They performed “Believe” in which was a crowd pleaser. The energy never left the venue as they performed. Overall the concert was amazing and everybody there enjoyed themselves and had nothing but smiles and good vibes as they were exiting the venue. Amen Dunes along with Arthur further proved that the rain couldn’t stop them from delivering joy.

View More Photos of Amen Dunes and Arthur HERE

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