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Written & Captured By | Chantal Burau

Australian songwriter Hatchie stopped on her European and UK Tour, mainly promoting her latest album Giving the World Away, at Badehaus Berlin with her opening acts Winter and Tatyana. 

The evening started off with the soft and moody set from Los Angeles based opener Winter on her guitar. Playing some of her dreamy and atmospheric pop-songs, in english as well as in portuguese, the singer send the show off to a good start. 

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She was followed up by Tatyana, who picked the mood of the audience up where Winter left off, mixing electronic elements with the soothing sounds of her harp. The harp and electronic sounds have complemented each other amazingly well. The highlight of her set was the acoustic version of her song “Kiss Me Right Now“, lowering the pace of her set and adding more dreamy vibes to the evening. 

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Next up was Hatchie with her band, which also included opener Winter on the guitar and the club filled up a bit more. The crowd was really mixed and there was no and there was no specific  fan-target group. Her set was accompanied by an impressive light show, which gave her songs even more impact. She started her set off strong with “Don’t Leave Me in the Rain“, of her latest album and delivered a mix of dreamy songs some slower and others spiked with a little more  fuzzy guitar sounds and easy dance elements. Hatchie’s songs, especially off the new album like mentioned before “Don’t Leave Me in the Rain“, “Quicksand“ and “Lights On“, remind a little bit of the soundtracks of typical 00’s high school romcoms. 

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She also played fan favorites off first album like “Obsessed“, “Stay With Me“ and “Her Own Heart“. In comparison the shoegaze and dreamlike pop-songs of her sophomore album sound even more fully formed. The show was very well rounded and left the audience delighted. 

Photos By | Chantal Burau