horsegiirL & MCR-T share video for viral hit ‘My Barn My Rules’

horsegiirL, or as she’s known to her barnyard friends, Stella, shares brand new, hotly anticipated music video for viral number 1 hit ‘My Barn My Rules’ via Warner Records. Taken from 2021’s Farm Fantasies, a collaborative project with long standing collaborator MCR-T, the track has racked up a staggering 8.1M global streams and 973M views on TikTok.

In the incredible video, Stella takes you on a ride showcasing her incredible physicality – back flipping from extreme heights, clearing jumps that only a hybrid of her kind possibly could. Shredding off-road in the next scene, she shows off her skateboarding prowess by landing some sweet tricks. She puts her Porsche into speed drive, demonstrating the true meaning of horse power, then wraps things up by jumping out of a plane. Meanwhile, MCR-T handles international business Cody Banks style, closing deals on the carrot phone.

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On the video, horsegiirL says “This was shot on a normal Monday when I was just doing normal things that I always do, when I don’t play a show somewhere in the world or hang out at the farm obviously. I hope this will give all of you a bit of a better idea what a day in the life of horsegiirL tends to look like.”

The compelling DJ, producer & songwriter represents a new era of electronic music that prioritises the fun, bucking the stilted culture that has long permeated the scene. Having toured globally and performed sets for Boiler RoomHÖRMixmag she puts her nostalgic happy hardcore style to the test & clears the fence.

horsegiirL has already garnered a colt following, and earned fashion icon status. The centaur of attention among the rising stars of PC music, saddle up because horsegiirL is just getting started!