IMPRINT Movie Review | Queen Marie

ON MAY 7, 2021

Written By | Agustina Subira

Directed by Alexis Cahill, known for “Il capo dei Capi” (2007’ s TV Mini-series) and “Intelligence- Servidzi y segreti” (2009), Queen Marie is a historical drama released on 2019, with a 110 minutes duration. The film narrates the contribution of Queen Marie, to the unification of the kingdom of Romania. The story unfolds in post-war Europe, during the peace negotiations in France in 1919, led by the Big Four (France, Great Britain, Italy and the United States).

The movie accurately portrays the political and economic tensions of the time, with the excellent performances of Ronald Chenery as France’s Prime Minister, George Clemenceau, Patrick Drury as the US’ President, Woodrow Wilson and Richard Elfyn as England’s Prime Minister, David Lloyd George. Not to mention the splendid work of Roxana Lupu as the main character. Moreover, the costume and set design are outstanding, as much as the accurate use of the Romanian and the English language; contributing to the construction of the film’s context.

The strong determination of the Queen is what makes this an interesting story. During patriarchal times, women were seen as an accessory of men; what makes facing important gentlemen, such as Clemenceau and Lloyd George, an extremely challenging task. This empowered woman was urged by the economic and social tensions of her kingdom that were pressuring for a rapid solution.

Without a doubt, the film portrays a relevant moment of the world’s history and a true inspiring narrative of a woman who stood for her beliefs and her people. Besides, performances are absolutely remarkable as well as the set design, costumes and make up; which make the atmosphere and scenography of the movie more realistic and give the audience the sense of being in Paris in the 20’s. But, the non-linear narrative structure and the monotonous script of the picture can induce the spectators into losing the idea of the plot, distancing themselves from the story, and, consequently dropping interest on it.

The well-known cinema site, IMDB, has rated the film 7,5 out of 10.