Indie-pop style group known as Devotchka lifted everyone at Terminal West in Atlanta

Written By | Fletcher Briggs

On a beautiful Tuesday night in Atlanta the indie-pop style group known as Devotchka lifted everyone who was in attendance at Terminal West. For the people who have a thing for cellists and horns this was the perfect show for you. I think they knew exactly how the weather would be in Atlanta because they truly brought everyone out. The setting of the entire night is what I would call eccentric. I have to give props to Neyla Pekarek for coming out and opening up for Devotchka and turning the crowd. With the nice dim lights and the open bar everyone who came out was in for a great night and some awesome music. 

The night started with Neyla Pekarek and Brian Cronan coming on with their amazing voices. Together those two sound so perfect together and they put on a showcase of good vocals along with even better sounds. She performed a fan favorite rattlesnake” and the crowd loved it. I must say her dress perfect for the performance being that was a fitting snakeskin dress. Her voice is so pure and I can honestly say that I have never heard a singer with the range as high and clear as Neyla and to top it off shes a cellist! That’s right she got down on the cello as well. Her and her band truly captured the crowds attention and kept it from beginning to end. I couldnt help but to clap and whistle as her and the band gave a bow.  

The main event was none other than Devotchka. The great thing about them is that they are all very talented with their instruments. Nick Urata’s energy is so high that as he performed even I was dancing (while having to snap into reality and realize I need to be capturing photos). They performed fan favorite’s “angels” and “let me sleep” and was dancing all over the stage. I love the fact that Jeanie Schroder was amazing while singing and playing the flute as well as the tuba. All around I would rate the entire night as worth the time and money. Great job to the Denver Natives.

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