J. Stalin Recruits 4 y/o Son for too real “Cops and Robbers” video

Stalin’s been rapping about being robbed of his childhood since 2010 when he said, “Forgive for my sins but I never got to be a child.” Having grown up in the crack-blighted ‘80s, he didn’t have time to play childhood games; he had to become the man of the house, dealing with his older brother’s death and his mother’s decades-long addiction. Now, a super dedicated father to his son (whose rap name is Lil Chief Baby Wipes lmao) Stalin is dedicated to raising his son in a nurturing but grounded environment. He recruited Lil Chief Baby Wipes to play-act in a seemingly harmless game of “Cops and Robbers” but in true Stalin fashion, he provides a sobering look at how even kids games can reflect real life.

“C & R,” is the eighth track on Disc 2 of the Bay Area cult icon’s recently released double-disc LP with long-time collaborator Dj. Fresh, Miracle & Nightmare On 10th Street Pt. 2.  If there is anything to know about J. Stalin and Dj. Fresh, it’s that they are hustlers — in 11 years they’ve released 10 albums together, and J. Stalin has released 44 mixtapes/albums on his own. Disc 1 leans into darker, nightmare themes while Disc 2 channels blessings and miracles. It’s a 20-track dose of brutally honest street rap and features appearances from Shady Nate, Beeda Weedam, Juneonnabeat, and more.

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