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Entrepreneur and Hip-Hop legend JaRule has been busy at staying ahead of the curve. JaRule took to a SOLD-OUT crowd at NYC’s Sony Hall for a once in a lifetime fan experience where he unveiled his VIBES Concert Series. The crowd was able to hear JA perform tracks off of his # 1 Billboard Hot 200 chart-topping PAIN IS LOVE album. This was also in celebration to the 20th Anniversary of this album. “This was not only the first time for fans but a first time for me as an artist.  There were tracks that I hadn’t ever performed live before, so it was certainly a treat for both me and my audience!” the legacy artist explained. Future plans to release the album PAIN IS LOVE LIVE FROM SONY HALL will be on Ja’s new ICONNicSound label as an NFT.

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JA for the first time not only performed the album but also told the stories behind the hits. “We wanted to give the audience a feeling of Behind the Music meets Storytellers,” says JaRule. “I want to take this series and invite other artists to perform and tell their personal journeys along with their hits. These performances will be staged across the country and Ja will have a diverse roster of artist friends to perform their own ‘vibes’ for the Series. The next performance is slated on April 11th at Sony Hall featuring one of Rolling Stone’s TOP 500 albums of all time, ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX the Purple Tape by Raekwon /Ghostface of The Wu-Tang Clan. “This album still stands the test of time as one of Hip Hop’s classic album’s ever,” Ja exclaims. The experience can be seen exclusively through the ICONN LIVE app available at the Apple App Store.  For a full look at the concert please click HERE.

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