Kevin Gates in Dallas, TX at Southside Ballroom Along with GANG51E JUNE, OG Doobie Black and DDG

Written By | Jordan Mahoney

Dallas, TX never seems to fall short in hype and brings all the amazing energy to every concert that rolls through, and that’s exactly what the folks inside of Southside Ballroom brought on Friday.

With openers like GANG51E JUNE and DDG, and even OG Doobie Black performing a few songs, Kevin Gates set himself up for success. GANG51E JUNE of Tulsa started the night out and the crowd ate everything up he had to give. While playing his hit songs and engaging the crowd, it was hard to do anything but smile and vibe with the music and his stage presence.

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DDG came on next rolling off the high energy GANG51E JUNE gave us to start with. DDG was accompanied by his DJ and a live drummer. He even had a couple of dancers come on stage with him for a few songs. DDG’s performances are nothing short of entertaining, from bringing a few ladies from the crowd on stage to dance, to filling water guns with Hennessy and passing out shots to the crowd, you could tell fans were nothing close to bored. He got the crowd just hype enough and warmed up for Kevin Gates.

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If you’ve never seen Kevin Gates perform – you’re missing out, and if you have, you know exactly what he brings to every performance. His diversity with his performances are out of this world, beginning his set on Friday night in Dallas with a piano rendition of Cartel Swag. Everyone in the building was vibing and singing along to it. Gates knows how to put on a show, making jokes, telling stories, and telling little anecdotes throughout the entire show, he was able to keep the crowd’s attention and energy up. Quite a few people there were a little disappointed, hearing that he only played 5-10 songs. Luckily, they were proved wrong with a pretty long set of over 20 songs and hooks. Fans were definitely not disappointed with his setlist with many popular songs such as Fatal Attraction, Luv Bug, Me Too, Really Really, 2 Phones, and Perfect Imperfection. Between the lights and visuals, fog guns, Gates’ official DJ BWA Ron keeping the vibe up all night, and everyone singing and dancing together, it was hard to not leave Southside Ballroom without a smile and still rockin’ to the songs we’d all just heard.


Photo Credit | Jordan Mahoney