Khemmis in Atlanta at the Masquerade

Written By | Cliff Yaun

Another brutal metal show at The Masquerade!  Opening for Khemmis were Atlanta locals The Figurant.  This band surprised the hell out of me.  Not because I had any pre-conceived idea of what to expect from them, but because their sound was something I could never have imagined to hear.

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Vocalist Preston Cobb took to the stage like an insane man and belted out a wide range of beautiful and horrifying vocals -everything from deep growls to wide-eyed, wailing screams of madness. One of the busiest metal bass players I’ve seen, Archie O’Neal is the metal Les Claypool.  This band’s sound reminded me of Between the Buried and Me-chaotic, unconventional and anything but predictable.   This was a truly unique experience and I can’t recommend seeing them enough, Atlanta.

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Next up was another great local act, Cloak.  When this band took the stage, you knew there was going to be a great show in them.  From a unified look to smoke machines and colored lighting, Cloak just oozed top-notch stage presence.  Donning black leather vests covered in patches and leather pants, their sound was groovy and more “listenable” than most black metal-labeled bands I’ve seen.  A truly cinematic and imposing stage presence was accompanied by brutal lyrics and intense, precise and skillful musicianship.  A bright spot in the Atlanta metal scene, no doubt!

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Gracing the sweaty south, Khemmis visits Atlanta from Denver, Colorado.  Khemmis is what I’d call “Viking metal”; the sort of tunes great Norse warriors would blast out as they rode into battle.  Khemmis didn’t show up in costume, no crazy stage antics, no weapons of battle strung about the stage….just beautiful, intense, and HEAVY music.  I can’t believe the members of this band all have day jobs.  The level of professionalism, and the consummate, in-your-face stage performance this band brought made this one of the best metal shows I’ve attended.  Atlanta metalheads, there is an ever-present and burgeoning scene right under your noses.  We all need to show up and show our love!  I’ll see you at the next show!

Photo Credit: Cliff Yaun

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