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Lil Durk is a 26 year old rapper, singer and songwriter from Chicago who has been setting speakers on fire with his newest release “Rockstar”.

Brought up in a violent neighborhood, Lil Durk’s family faced legal and financial implications that deeply influenced him both negatively and positively. Growing from personal legal troubles and focusing on his music, Lil Durk taught himself the basics by watching music videos. After the viral success of ‘Sneak Dissin’’ and ‘I’ma Hitta’, he decided to make a full time professional career as a musician and has been hustling ever since.

Continuing an acclaimed series of projects he started as a 21-year-old in 2013, Lil Durk officially announced Signed To The Streets 3, his upcoming project that’s dropping November, 2018 via Alamo/Interscope.


As a teaser for fans awaiting STTS 3, Durk shared “Rockstar,” an infectiously hard new single. Featuring popular and emerging artists alike, Signed To The Streets 3 is a coronation for Lil Durk, affirming his position as a major rap star and confirming his influence on a new generation of melodic street rappers. The upcoming album features new content as well as popular previously-released singles like “Spin The Block,” “Downfall,” and “Home Body”.

“Rockstar” ft Lil Skies is his latest drop from the album. The single explains the advantages and drawbacks of the life of a Rock God in this memorable collaboration and has some very compelling lyrics.
“Rockstar lifestyle, might not make it. Put prescription drugs on my tongue I had to take it. Keep my secrets deep down inside I had to face it. For you I put my life on the line, that shit felt crazy. For you I go and unload the line, that shit so crazy.”
“I’m sippin’ real codeine, 200 racks on me. I done put stars in the roof, inside a galaxy. Flight after flight I’m going, I’m touring overseas. My brother doin’ life, cops never gon’ let him free.”

“Ain’t no love for the weak and if I die at night, bury me in my dreams.”

Aside from powerful lyrical content, the song has a very different feel with the addition of an electric guitar and compared to previous releases from Lil Durk “Rockstar” gives fans something fresh and powerful, proving he’s a dynamic individual.

Make sure to check out STTS 3 and keep up-to-date with all things Lil Durk by checking out his website, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and spotify. Click here for touring info. Watch the offical lyric video for “Rockstar” below.

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