Mineral 25th anniversary tour in Philadelphia at the Theater of Living Arts

Written By | Jared Lopez

Photo By | Jared Lopez

Houston, Texas based band Mineral showed fans that they still have it (and that they’re better than ever.)  Mineral is on their 25th anniversary tour and we had the pleasure of covering their show here in Philadelphia at the Theater of Living Arts.  The date of the show was Wednesday, January 16th, and even though it was in the middle of the week with temperatures below freezing, it didn’t stop their die hard fans from showing up and screaming their lungs out. 

Photo By | Jared Lopez

As soon as Mineral took the stage, cheers rang throughout the crowd and the cheers spread like wildfire.  By the time every member took the stage, the whole theater was applauding them.  Even the opening artists went into the crowd to see them perform from a fan’s perspective (one was even recording them and posted to bits and parts of their set to their IG story.)   

From start to finish, their energy was electric.  Mineral is classified as an “emo” band, but their sound is very indie/alternative, which makes them unique.  Many people consider them pioneers to the sound of alternative music scene with how many newer bands incorporate their style of play.  The combination of loud emotions and down to earth somberness is this band’s forte, and it was show cased throughout the entire night.  The guitarist Scott was nothing less than a master craftsman.

Photo By | Jared Lopez

The crowd couldn’t get enough of his energy, as he swung his guitar wildly and stomped across the stage as if he was trying to tame his instrument.  Fans consistently exclaiming “he killed it!” and some bowing down in his presence.  The bassist Jeremy was his polar opposite, playing with a cool toned emotion and keeping the whole place filled with rhythm.  Many people overlook the bassists during these shows, but many people were giving him props at the front barricade. He also laid down soothing, melodic singing to support Chris in choruses and bridges to many songs throughout the course of the night. 

Vocalist and guitarist Chris had the whole place rocking with his somber singing.  His lyrics were filled with nostalgia, times of a better world in his eyes.  Memories of his younger days were poured out into the crowd, only to be brought right back to him by the fans, singing right alongside him.  He interacted with the crowd after every single song, constantly thanking them for coming out “on a school night” and rocking with them.

Photo By | Jared Lopez

Mineral’s drummer, Gabriel, kept the entire TLA on a heartbeat that will be remembered for years to come.  With drum fills that were flashy and bouncy, the alternative side of the music came from him.  He kept the band in tune with each other and hit every skin of the drum as if it was his last time ever playing.  He was the centerpiece that really blended Mineral together.  If you put any other drummer there, you don’t have the same Mineral that so many people have come to love and enjoy. 

With this being an anniversary tour, there was a very nostalgic feeling in the air.  The moment felt like it was bigger than it actually was because of this, with so many fans reminiscing on younger days and brought their kids out to see what they grew up with.  So many left feeling refreshed, as if their thirst for their childhood had finally been catered to.  With the show coming to an end over an hour after their set had started, many questioned if they were going to be releasing a new album, many even demanding it, to which singer, Chris, said “wink wink, nudge nudge.”  They reminded fans to stay in the moment with their songs, and fans definitely did. 

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