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After the success of the SOLD OUT at the Wizink Center in Madrid on September 11th, the Colombian band, Morat, continues to grow kicking off their European tour with 6 dates in the main capitals for the first time in their career.

During the month of September we will be able to find the band in Lisbon on the 21st, Rome on the 23rd, Paris on the 25th, London on the 26th, Berlin on the 28th and Amsterdam as the end of the European tour on the 30th.

These will be the cities where we will enjoy the “Si Ayer Fuera Hoy Morat World” Tour which will bring songs such as “Besos en Guerra,” “Cómo te atreves,” “No se va” and their most recent ones such as “506” with Juanes, the latest release of the band with more than 9 million streams. Other hit singles include “Valen más” and “París,” a song they released with the Argentinean artist Duki.

“506,” “Valen Más,” and “París” are part of Morat’s fourth album that we will discover soon, where we will find unexpected featurings, love songs, heartbreak songs and, as the band has taught us with their last releases, about current issues as they have not done so far.

It is an album that tries to bring yesterday to today, an album shot and recorded on tape, landing different artistic concepts that mix the best of both times.

An album that we see performed on tour from the first to the last detail; From the lights, to the “old” design of the visuals on the screens, Morat transports the audience to the concept that the band has designed with so much affection where we will see, and understand, that Morat is much more than music.


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