Mr. Eazi in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

I can’t express this enough! If you haven’t heard or seen Mr. Eazi, you need go to see one of his show when he comes to your city! His openers were phenomenal and had a lot of energy throughout their sets.


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From having dance offs with the backup dancers to hyping up the crowd with djs playing well known songs from their home country. It felt like a club mixed with a concert, which I’ve never seen before until that night. The culture surrounding the venue was amazing and was wonderful to see! I never knew about Afrobeat style music, but once I found out about it a few days prior to the show, I knew the show was going to be like no other.


Once Mr. Eazi came out on stage, the crowd went insane and were so ecstatic to finally see him in person. All the fans started to jump up and down in happiness to their favorite song as well as singing to them loud and proud. At some point during the show, he became very friendly with his lovely fans and started naming out African countries to see if anyone in attendance was from there.

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Man, the crowd was so excited when he did that because each country he named off there was a roar for each one he named off. He also got close to some of his fans by taking one of their phones and taking a selfie with them which I thought was a wonderful gesture that will live with those fans forever. Throughout the show not a single person was sitting down, every single fan was standing and dancing around like no tomorrow!

There were so many amazing moments throughout this show that I think everyone in the audience will always remember and I think that it is awesome that artist do that for their fans. This was truly a great experience and hope to see Mr. Eazi again!!

Photos By | Andres Piedrahita

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