Nashville’s Cowan goes up in smoke: Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime

Written By | Wes Lytz

See More Photos of Little Strangers HERE.

Quirky indie hip-hop duo Little Stranger opened the show. Just two seriously talented guys with hooks, beats, dope rhymes and fresh dance moves. Playful and pleasantly weird, they set a fun tone for the evening. 

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The highly animated pop/reggae/rock group Ballyhoo! went up next. Their sound is some of what you would expect on this bill (think 311, Sublime, Green Day) with frequent surprises. For example, their song Riddled With Bullets adds some progressive metalcore a la Born of Osiris. More of that, please. 

See More Photos of Badfish HERE.

Badfish does more than justice to the Sublime collection. They play all the songs you would expect while puffs of green smoke waft by (or inside of) your face. They more or less stick to the script. One welcome departure was when they invited opening band Little Stranger onstage to lend their lyrical talents for one song. 

Photos By | Alma Reed

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