Static X in Atlanta at The Masquerade with DevilDriver, Raven Black and Wednesday 13

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

Throughout the years, I have had my fair share of going to rock concerts but got to say this was my first heavy metal concert. Sadly, I didn’t know the full line up, so I was only able to listen to two of the bands DevilDriver and Static X prior to the show.

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Raven Black was the first one to come up on stage and was excited to see them perform. Their set went really and was nice to get some shots of her with her teddy bear that was on stage prior to them coming on.

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The next opener was Wednesday 13 which to my opinion was a bit satanic but pretty cool. He came out in many different outfits and there was one that stuck out the most to me. He had a mask on the back of his head that messed with my mind because it honestly looked inverted at some points. Needless after their set was done, I’d like to see them again.

After Wednesday 13, Dope was the next band to come on the stage. To be honest it was a weird change of pace from the other two bands. The lead singer didn’t come out in an outfit or any make up on which is okay, but threw me off guard haha. Other that, they were all around a great band in my opinion and it was cool when the leader gave praise to the late Wayne Static.

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After Dope had ended their set, DevilDriver was next the band to come on stage. Man, I cannot express to you how excited the crowd was when they came on. The light’s and sound were more intense than the other three bands previous to them! They sounded, so heavy and rocked like no tomorrow!

So, before I get to the performance of Static X, I’d like to say that I never knew this was a reunion tour.

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Once I found out it was, I did some research and found out the lead singer of Dope was going to be the lead singer for Static X. Which I think is crazy to be able to pull off two amazing shows within an hour split of each other. Now, back to my review on Static X’s performance.

When Static X came on stage the crowd honestly went insane! A minute into the first song, fans were crowd surfing and security was grabbing them once they reached the photo pit. The whole venue was singing each and every song Static X played which was a beautiful see hear. This show was all around amazing and glad I was able to see these 5 awesome bands in one night!




Photo Credit: Andres Piedrahita


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