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Nashville’s Mercy Lounge received Rubblebucket on a Tuesday night

Written By | Walter Lytz

   Nashville’s Mercy Lounge received Rubblebucket on a Tuesday night. The Brooklyn based American art-pop and indie-dance band is touring their Sun Machine album released earlier this year.

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   New York slop pop phenomenon Diet Cig warmed up an eager audience. Their sound is peppy pop punk rock. The songs are quick, simple and loud.  Noah Bowman’s frenzied drumming will fortify the drowsiest of attendees, and frontwoman Alex Luciano’s distorted guitar literally bounces the whole dang time. Just think Disney style follow-the-bouncing-ball over the lyrics sing along, except this ball was served by Serena Williams.  The crowd followed suit provoking inquiry of the structural integrity of the venue’s floorboards. Endlessly effervescent, Luciano ricocheted and high-kicked her way into our hearts.

   Before Rubblebucket goes onstage you sense something unique is underway. Varieties of instruments, props and lights align the stage. The performance is spectacular. True to their indie-pop rock roots, they also mix in a heaping spoonful of a New Orleans-style marching brass. The choreographed dance moves are spastic and liberating.

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  Founding member Annakalmia Travers’ baritone sax riffs are awesome, and her choices of headwear invoke the spirit of Lady Gaga or the Royal Wedding (Google “royal wedding hats”). The colored strobe lights and shadow dance screens combine into something reminiscent of the talent show in The Revenge of The Nerds. Only thing missing are the defeated AlphaBetas shaking their fists in defeat.

   Rubblebucket wasn’t the least bit shy about joining the audience, making the occasional forays into the pulsating throng. For their final song, they performed marching band like as they made their way to the back of the venue ending the show by joining the audience happily ever after.

Photos By | Alma Reed

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