Niko Moon Brought Good Vibes and the GOOD TIME Tour to Detroit’s Saint Andrew’s Hall

Written By | Lindsey Sobkowski

Niko Moon made all ‘Good timers’ have more than a good time on February 11 in Detroit, MI at Saint Andrew’s Hall. The country song hitmaker hails from Tyler, Texas, where his southern roots have inspired his career in the music industry and his 2021 release of his debut album GOOD TIME. Moon has been a credited writer for country big-wigs Dierks Bentley, Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, and Morgan Wallen in years past. Now, he is finally showcasing his work on the Good Time Tour with fans waiting with open arms and a beer in hand.

Before Niko Moon could make his crowd debut for the night, Kylie Morgan was first to strut on stage with more than enough feverish energy to fill the one-thousand capacity room. Her song “Strawberry Wine” was a crowd-pleaser, with fans having their palms face towards the ceiling, clapping along. Things really amped up when Morgan covered Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”. From the bar to the barricade people were singing along to the well-known women-empowerment anthem. “I would want to be the country version of Lizzo,” stated Morgan before proceeding with songs that she stated are inspired by Lizzo’s music. 

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Before leaving the stage, Morgan took the time to express her appreciation for those who have listened to her music. One being her song “Break Things”, which was released just before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many into quarantine. The track has ammassed 13 million plays on Spotify and features a soft strumming guitar intro and leads into a crowd singalong. She closed her set with the song “Love Like We’re Drunk” and the crowd sang alongside Morgan, some soberly and some drunkenly, excited for the night to continue on.

Vibrations from cheers and bass filled the room once the lights shut off. The only source of light was a neon sign for Moon’s album art for GOOD TIME which illuminated the faces of exhilarated concert-goers. He walked on-stage in a jacket with the same logo bedazzled on his back and began his performance with the song “No Sad Songs”. The crowd was beyond excited and that energy was contagious to Moon, who was all smiles. “Let it Ride” was a crowd-pleaser with its consistent trap beat that kept the audience dancing along. The mix of hip-hop beats and country guitar made for a combination that fans could not get enough of throughout the night.

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The party took the backseat for a moment when Moon turned to the mic to speak to everyone. The stage crew brought out a makeshift campfire onto the stage and Moon and his touring band gathered around it. “I’ve been lucky enough to write some songs for some of my favorite country artists, and I thought it might be fun to get around the fire and sing a couple of songs that I wrote for other artists that y’all might know,” he told the crowd fondly. Everyone delightfully sang along with Moon to tracks like “Loving You Easy” by Zac Brown Band and “Beers On Me” by Dierks Bentley. The intimate campfire made for an impactful moment that surely stuck with audience members well after they left the venue that night.

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The cozy campfire moment was soon over and the show picked back up with six more songs before Moon concluded his set. Fans could not get enough, as their cheers and chants were enough for Moon to play one last song “Without Sayin a Word” as an encore. The ballad-leaning tune made for a heartwarming ending to a high-energy performance. The final guitar pluckings were drowned out by the claps and whistles of the audience. The GOOD TIME Detroit show was over, but the memories will live on with those who attended.

Kylie Morgan also recently released a video for her new single “Independent With You” check it out below:

Photos By | Lindsey Sobkowski