Oliver Tree Brought His Cowboy Tears Tour To Atlanta’s Tabernacle

Written By | Jeremiah Rafferty

Oliver Tree brought his Cowboy Tears tour to Atlanta’s Tabernacle. With a line full of fans outside decked in cowboy attire and 90’s styled jumpsuits and bowl cuts (Tree’s signature style), it’s safe to say the crowd outside of the venue was ready for his performance.

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The show began with the first opener of the night 347Aidan who achieved a ton of buzz after his song Dancing In My Room went viral on Tik Tok (the song itself has been used over 1.5 Million times for videos on the platform). 347Aidan, whose real name is Aidan Fuller, had cameout performing with an incredible zeal. He  performed several singles he had released over the past year including the recently viral track Memories and the heartfelt Demons and Monsters. Despite this being his very first tour (which he explained to the audience a few songs in) he seemed to have a grasp on controlling the audience and just an overall comfortability with being on stage. Towards the latter end of his set, he even opted to jump into the audience and perform with the fans.

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Following Aidan’s performance was LA based artist Sueco or Sueco The Child. I wasn’t too familiar with Sueco prior to the show but it was a pleasure seeing him perform. His performance showcased a blend of punk rock and rap and it was truly impressive. His rebellious persona and stage presence was that of a rockstar and it was a sight to behold. Sueco also like Aidan, had jumped into the crowd a good handful of times during his set, and even elected to crowd surf in the audience (with Aidan coming out to join him as well).

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Oliver Tree’s performance was well worth the wait. Coming out with his high, eccentric energy and donning his signature 90’s styled track jacket and bell bottom jeans, he immediately had the crowd jumping. Playing some of his hits such as Alien Boy, When I’m Down, and Life Goes On, the entire audience was in a trance and went absolutely insane. An element of the show I enjoyed and appreciated was it seemed like he was showing his transformation throughout the duration of the show. Initially rocking his signature look, he then transitioned into a 90’s jazz disposable cup styled jumpsuit, and then finally donning an entire cowboy ensemble with stage elements such as an old western town background and a cow to coincide with the theme.

Photos By | Jeremiah Rafferty