Howler was buzzing with a sold out crowd ready to see Last Dinosaurs

Written By |Monique Pizzica

Photo By | Monique Pizzica

First up was support RAThammock.  Without a doubt heated up one of the first of Melbourne’s cold nights.  Their half hour set was graced with all their popular songs and got the crowd up and ready, in anticipation of the main act.

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Photo By | Monique Pizzica

As soon as Last Dinosaurs came out on stage, the entire room was lifted with the crowd’s cheers.  From first to last song, the entire show was a sing a long as it seemed that you only see Last Dinosaurs live if you are one of their biggest fans.

Throughout the set they continued to encourage the crowd to dance, sing, “have a great night”.  They were definitely some of the most easy instructions to follow as looking back at the crowd it was quite clear that that is what they were going to do no matter what instructions was given to them.

Photo By | Monique Pizzica

Last Dinosaurs played all the hits, from ‘Apollo’ to ‘Stream’, along with some newbies in the mix such as, ‘Sense’ and finishing off the night with a massive sound of ‘Eleven’ and pulling out all the fireworks, Sean jumping into the crowd with his guitar, almost not able to get back up on stage.  The crowd cheered as he successfully made it back in one piece.

Photo By | Monique Pizzica

The band were then welcomed back by a roaring chant from the audience wanting an encore.  As there were no more songs on the set list listed there was obviously no plan for an encore in the beginning.  They came back on stage and were welcomed once again like rock stars.

Last Dinosaurs are a band for the fans, they play exactly what everyone knows and it definitely works to please the crowd!

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