Peso Peso releases new track “Andalé” And Announces “El Patron” Album

Hailing from Texas City, TX, a small town in Galveston County located 40 miles south of Houston, Peso Peso is an artist with a big personality who’s reached millions after the success of his breakout single, “Hardest Ese Eva.” Peso Peso is a Mexican-American rapper who takes as much pride in his heritage as he does in his work ethic. He’s a self made boss who wants to inspire a sense of empowerment in those who listen to his music. The legendary Houston-based artist, Sauce Walka took notice of this early on and signed him to his label, The Sauce Factory in 2017. Having surpassed 10 million streams, “Hardest Ese Eva” catapulted Peso Pesos’ career. He’s since worked with Trippie ReddJackboyHoodRich Pablo Juan, and Maxo Kream among others and is now preparing for the release of his new album, El Patrón in May.

Despite his immense talent and recent success, Peso Peso still sees himself as an underdog within his community and the music industry at large. It was no coincidence that he chose to release his new single and album announcement on Cinco de Mayo, a holiday commemorating the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Peso Peso’s victories in life have also been improbable and hard fought. He’s lived a life between cultural divides and has always had the odds stacked against him. With the release of his upcoming album, El Patrón, Peso Peso is finally ready to boss up and stake his claim to the throne as one of Texas’ hottest new rappers.