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Pete Yorn Sing A-Long at The Loft in Atlanta

Written By | Christina Pradhan

Photo By | Christina Pradhan

Almost sheepishly or just mild and humble the very talented singer songwriter Pete Yorn stepped onto the incense infused stage at The Loft in Atlanta on a frigidly cold Sunday night. Pete’s kind eyes peek out from under his foppish hair as he greets his fans.  The singer was greeted to an almost packed house of die-hard fans.  Strumming three notes someone from the crowd yells out “Ice Age!”  Pete chuckles and is bemused; he comments “Wow lets play name that tune in 3 notes!”  The crowd enthusiastically cheers.  Pete starts to play again and the crowd starts chanting “Ice Age!” Pete responds to the crowd that “Yes! I’m beginning with Ice Age because it is very cold outside tonight”.  

Photo By | Christina Pradhan

As Pete continues to play the crowd sings along with every word of the opening song.  When Pete finishes his opening song he explains what the song means to him.  He acknowledges that the song can have different meanings to different people but for him the song is about being frozen with fear and afraid to move forward in life.  Next up Pete played a new song that he is working on called “Can’t Stop” and this song also deals with difficult life situations. 

The song “Can’t Stop” refers to dealing with people that you need to cut out of your life but for some reason you cannot.   Although it was a solo acoustic show it was more of a group sing along as the crowd was singing right there with Pete.  The show pretty much continued with Pete mixing up the old nostalgic favorites with new material. At one point during the show Pete asked the crowd for their input as he admitted there is no set list and that we are all making this up as we go.  

Photo By | Christina Pradhan

The crowd was happy to oblige shouting out the favorite song and Pete happily playing it.  Pete put on a great solo show tenderly playing his songs, sharing personal anecdotes, giving the back story on his songs, and sharing personal anecdotes.  It was a really intimate show and a wonderful experience to see such admiration between Pete and his fans.  I anticipated that his fans might be fans of his via Scarlett Johansson as Pete collaborates with her but I found that the fans at this show were there for Pete and Pete alone.  I found this very endearing.  Pete recently released a new EP with Scarlett called Apart.

Before Apart with Scarlett Johansson Pete Yorn has released albums since 2000.  He came onto the music scene swinging in 2000 with his critically acclaimed solo debut record Musicforthemorningafter which according some music critics is one of the best records of the century.  Since 2000 Pete has continued making music releasing 6 more albums.  2009’s Break Upcollaboration with Scarlett Johansson, reached platinum.   The latest release from Pete is another duet with Scarlett and it consists of 5 songs.  You can catch Pete on this current tour and hopefully catch a fun sing along night.  His solo acoustic tour continues through Florida and then to his current home state California through March.

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