Emerging Philadelphia superstar 2Rare unveils the kinetic music video for his new single “Rare Steppa” out now via Second Estate/Warner Records.

The visual reflects the uncontainable and unpredictable energy of his delivery with its fast-paced editing and quick cuts. It alternates between raucous and wild moments on stage, raw nights in the club, and intimate romantic vignettes topped off with some top-notch choreography and impressive dance moves. Most importantly, it highlights his superstar-level charisma.

Right out of the gate, it gained traction on DSPs with 100K Spotify streams in the last week. Not to mention, Billboard touted it among the “R&B-Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week” and raved, “This up-tempo song from the Philly rapper is perfect for the club or summer block parties, as he carves a lane for himself in the Philly club music scene.”

2Rare lives up to his name once again as Philly’s most unique and undeniable voice.

He also recently dropped a visual for the song as part of Vevo’s Ctrl series. Watch the video HERE. Filmed at the streaming giant’s studios in Los Angeles, the stripped-down clip highlight just how magnetic Rare can be—no gimmicks, no expensive sets. “I’m a trendsetter,” he croons, a fact that by this point should be undeniable.  

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“Rare Steppa” comes in the wake of the viral phenomenon “Rare’s Room,” which racked up over a million YouTube views in less than a month, and “Lil Mama,” which recently blew past the 2.5 million view mark. All of which speaks to the unstoppable momentum Rare has built for himself. 

Despite his brief time in the spotlight, 2Rare has shown himself as one of the best practitioners of urgent club rap. It’s so potent that other rappers are tapping into his energy, most recently Lil Uzi Vert in his “I Just Wanna Rock” video, which Rare is prominently featured in, and previously Drake featured him in his “Sticky” video. “Q-Pid,” his smash collab with Lil Durk, reveals just how adept 2Rare is at merging street rap with more playful sounds. It’s no question that 2Rare is poised to make his potent, pliable club songs the soundtrack for 2023 and beyond.


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