Phora in Chicago at Subterranean

Written By | Alex Perez

California rapper Phora turns Chicago’s Subterranean into a sea of shining lights. Finishing his Bury Me With Dead Roses Tour, which started in Cali and went all the way to  Brooklyn, NY and ends in Chicago. Devoted fans waited in the pouring rain in a line stretched around the corner of the block to see the rising star. The bad weather seemed to phase no one’s energy, as dozens of fans anxiously waited in line. One fan at the front of the line exclaimed she had been waiting at the venue hours before doors opened out of pure excitement.

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Phora has obviously established a serious fan base in the windy city. The west coast rapper performed to a sold out crowd. Subterranean’s cabaret room, which holds 400 people was packed. The venue was bustling as people tried to find the best view of the stage and others bought drinks or merch. Fans were shoulder to shoulder with everyone trying to make their way to the front to see their favorite artist. Only scattered roses and warm glowing candles separated fans from the stage.

The house lights were dimmed and the stage lights went up. The crowd roars as Phora steps on to the stage. Immediately the energy in the room goes up by a hundred. He begins the show performing Anything You Need a song off his recent album. Interacting with his fans, Phora encourages the crowd to put their phones in the air. Without hesitation the crowd became a sea of lights. The rapper compared it to a starry night.

With the phone lights illuminating the room, Phora performs more songs off his recent Bury Me With Dead Roses album. Fans of all ages sang along to every word. The rapper takes a moment to acknowledge the ladies in the crowd and asked if he could perform for them in spanish. The crowd became ecstatic as he performs his popular song Te Necesito. 

Toward the end of the show Phora professed his appreciation to his fans. Acknowledging the fans in the back and in the balcony for having the same energy as the people up front. Subterranean being a fairly small venue, Phora tells his fans he hopes this is his last “small” show in Chicago. The rising artist promises to come back bigger next time and brings out fellow rapper Ollie to close the show. The crowd dancing and singing along, the show ends with the same high energy it began with.

Photo Credit: Alex Perez

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