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Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

Rhonda stopped on their Forever Yours Tour, promoting their same-titled new album, at the Privatclub in Berlin with their support band Amber & the Moon. For an intimate evening filled with laid-back and atmospheric sounds. 

The evening started off with the set of Amber & the Moon, playing a rather calm but melodic set of songs, presented by two members of German the band. Constantly communicating with the audience and involving them in the songs by singing and clapping along, the band played a series of soothing, dreamy and atmospheric songs with soft vocals and guitar elements. 

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Once done, they were followed up by Rhonda after the break. The small club filled up a bit more and had intimate and pub-like vibe to it. 

The neo-soul band mainly from nothern Germany played their set with their sophisticated sound, giving  also a gloomy, yet positive and 60s-like sound. The powerful and vocals from singer Milo Milone adding the extra touch to the modern Californian-Soul-like sound from start to finish. They also added a few cover songs to their set, like „Blood & Tears“ originally by Danzig. Older songs like „Camera“ or „That’s How I Roll“ stood out with the extra power in the voice and somewhat overshadowed the newer songs, which have a somewhat lighter sound.

With their beers in hand and swinging to the rhythm of the music, the audience was sitting at the bar and standing in front of the stage enjoying every second. Another highlight, close to the encore was a guitar solo by singer Milo Milone, adding another depth to the interesting and mesmerizing soundscape. 

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Later she even jumped from the stage and greeted some friends of hers while continuing the last song of the night. After the show they stayed and chatted the night away with their fans and friends.

Chantal Burau