scarypoolparty in Los Angeles at the Grammy Museum

Written My | Min Lee

Alejandro Aranda, better known as Scarypoolparty performed at the Grammy Museum on a sold-out night just before he goes on his first U.K. Tour. He’s a California native having resided in Pomona where he fell in love with his guitar and singing on the streets. 

After a year or so of singing he finally became comfortable with busking the streets of Pomona, California. After an incident at a warehouse he was employed at where Alejandro almost lost his hand is when he started taking music seriously. 


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Early 2016 is when he posted Blesser and 10 Years on YouTube which helped him gain traction in the music industry. After being named Artist of the Year by California State University in 2017, he went on the road with Twin Shadow and even made an appearance on the Conan O’Brien Show.

He auditioned for American Idol on April 6th 2019 and his audition clips combined have over 60 million views. During his run on American Idol, Scarypoolparty played many of his songs over covers which drew fans in closer and made him relatable.  

Although he did not win American Idol, his success after have been incredible. His first US tour which included seven stops sold out in minutes. Following this tour he went on to perform a twenty-eight stop tour and performing at music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Life is Beautiful. 

Scarypoolparty dropped his debut album November 2019 and is set to go on a UK tour late March 2020. Watching him perform in a sold-out room at the Grammy Museum you get a sense of his relatability and humor. His self-depreciating jokes coupled with insane talent on the guitar and piano renders him a self-taught musician with sick vocals who can impress anyone whether on the street or in a theatre.

Photo Credit | Min Lee