Sikdope in Atlanta at Believe Music Hall with Movin Keyz and Eddie Gold

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

I got to say, from being of fan of Iris, they never seem to disappoint! They definitely did a great job in booking Sikdope as well as the openers. The night did start a bit slow, which is normal since the doors did just open.


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On stage first was Movin Keys and got to say their set was amazing even though they were playing for a small crowd. It was wonderful seeing one of the audience members began to shuffle (style of dancing) to some of their songs.

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Once Movin Keys ended their set, Eddie Gold was the next one up and he changed the momentum quickly. Around this time more people started showing and the mood inside started to rise as more people began dancing to Eddies’ current set! It was wonderful seeing everyone in a good mood and getting amped for Sikdope to come on stage. A few seconds before Eddies’ set was about to end, you can slightly see Sikdope began to prepare for his set.

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Once he officially got on stage the crowd went insane and the mood at the time increased even higher! The whole entire venue began to shake from how heavy the bass was, all the audience members were dancing or head banging to the beat of the songs. Sikdope himself was dancing throughout his whole as well and was jumping from side to side as well. The man honestly would never stay still.

He then had two dancers come to the stage to preform and then after they finished, he had some fire breathers come on stage.

This was great fit for some of the music he was playing. It seemed as if was choregraphed or schedule before hand on them being on beat with the music. Sikdope had an amazing show and would recommend to anyone to at least see him once!

Photos By | Andres Piedrahita

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