Silverstein’s When Broken Is Easily Fixed: 15 Year Anniversary Tour broke the barricade in Nashville

Written By | Therese Enberg

Canadian self proclaimed emo band Silverstein are celebrating their record’s When Broken Is Easily Fixed 15th anniversary with a massive US tour.

Nashville and The Cowan was on the second leg of this tour. Joining them on tour are Florida’s Capstan, Nashville locals As Cities Burn and Ohio based and cult band Hawthorne Heights.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

New Fearless Records band Capstan was first out during the night, they have just in a couple of months developed and advanced a lot since their Warped Tour run earlier this summer. Vocalist Anthony DeMario and bass player Andrew Bozymowski harmonised their vocals to phenomenal perfection. For being the first opener, they brought an intense energy that instantly hyped up the crowd. They finished strong with Wax Poetic, that the entire front row sang along with emotion filled voices giving me goosebumps.

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As Cities Burn
Photo By | Therese Enberg

Second band to go on was Nashville locals As Cities Burn, the crowds immediate reaction was pushing the barricade to the limit, pushing us photographers towards the stage. This band was hands down the most innovative on stage, playing with the mic stand, giving the crowd a show. It being a hometown show, definitely brought the energy through the roof. Second to last song brought a massive mosh pit, the security were struggling to hold on to the barricade keeping it together.

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Hawthorne Heights
Photo By | Therese Enberg

Last band before Silverstein was cult band Hawthorne Heights. The older part of the crowd stepped closer to the stage, and started belting out to the classic songs. Throughout the night, the message was clear from all bands – it is okay to discuss mental health, to take care of yourself and seek help for your anxiety and depression. It doesn’t hurt to give a stranger a kind smile every once in a while. Singer JT Woodruff’s smooth vocals was a sweet melody to my ears.

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Photo By | Therese Enberg

Right before Silverstein went on, you could almost touch the anticipation in the air. The adrenaline pumping through the crowd. After only one song, vocalist Shane Told was already dripping of sweat. The passion put in behind this production and anniversary of When Broken Is Easily Fixed was incredible.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

Hearing the record in it’s entirety back to back was fantastic, a childhood dream come true. The intensity of the show was so high that the barricade broke after 4 songs from all the shoving. The crowd went hard, and even rowdier for the more known songs from the record such as Bleeds No More. 30 minutes after the set was supposed to be over, they were still going with some newer songs, and the energy was still high and crisp.

Photo By | Therese Enberg

As the night came to an end, the fans were piling out from The Cowan with smiling faces, smelled like sweat, beer and the adrenaline still pumping through their veins.

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