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(New York, NY) Today, Grammy winning singer/songwriter Macy Gray posts a cutting rebuke to Donald Trump’s agenda of division and hate via Instagram. In the 48-second clip the powerful anthem, “White Man,” is the backing track to the troubling messages and images that have become de rigueur during the Trump presidency – and if you listen closely to the lyrics you will hear her critique on the state of race relations in America. You can watch the clip here.

“White Man” is from her upcoming 10th studio album, RUBY, available everywhere on September 21st.

Lyrics to “White Man”:

Hey WHITE MAN, I am not my grandmother
I’m from the city Canton, Ohio
I’m just a lady and I think like a man
You’re hatin’ me and I don’t understand
You’re judgin’ me, you wanna send me to hell
God is my father and I’ve got my bail
You come for me, let me make it clear
I’ll whip your Woo-oo-oo

Hey WHITE MAN, you can best believe I matter
And I’m offended by your chatter-chatter
But I’m livin’ good on the edge of myself
I make a drink and I’ll toast to myself

Let’s come together, let’s make it better
Let’s come together, let’s make it better
If you don’t agree, I’ll make it clear
I’ll whip your Woo-oo-oo

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