Sleeping With Sirens in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theater

Written By | Gabriel Di Sante


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Sleeping with Sirens is an incredible American band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band currently consists of Kellin Quinn (vocals, keyboards), Jack Fowler (lead guitar), Nick Martin (rhythm guitar), and Justin Hills (bass).


On February 5th the city of Toronto had the pleasure to offer to the post hardcore music gender fans the opportunity to enjoy the U.S band Sleeping With Sirens tour called Medicine.


It also was one of the most unique performance that I have never seen before that took place at the Phoenix concern theater, the U.S band opened with the song Leave it all behind to warm up the audience in my opinion one of my favorites songs from the band.


See More Photos of Sleeping With Sirens HERE.

One thing during the entire performance that really got my entire attention was the way that each member of the band transmitted their own energy and feelings to the audience was just unbelievable and really powerful, also the venue environment and lighting was very interesting with a more darker vibes that in my perspective was just the perfect call to make this show even more unique and for sure a show that you will never regret it.

Photo Credit | Gabriel Di Sante