SOLD OUT IN NYC! Grayscale plays to a sold-out crowd at Gramercy Theater

Written By | Emily Hartmann

SOLD OUT IN NYC! Grayscale plays to a sold-out crowd at Gramercy Theater Thursday night, October 3rd. Opening up for them on this tour is Belmont, Bearings, and Rich people. With only two show dates after tonight, the band’s energy is high!  

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Opening up the show was Rich People. The crowd started to fill up during their set so by mid-set when the house lights came up, vocalist Rob Rich said his hello’s to everyone else steadily filling up the venue. You couldn’t help but dance along to their alternative/indie sound. Up next was Bearings, a rock band hailing from Ottawa, Canada.

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As soon as Bearings hit the stage the crowd went absolutely wild. The pit opened up immediately and everyone was really just having the time of their lives.  

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Belmont is an American pop-punk band from good old Chicago, Illinois. The energy in the room is still high after Bearings’ set and full of anticipation for Grayscale. The crowd was completely wild, with crowd surfers coming from every direction. No one was scared to throw down in the pit. I feel like Belmont reminds us, the people that grew up in the pop-punk community what made all of us first fall in love with pop-punk, from the sound to the energy on stage to the crowd just having fun and not having to worry about being judged by anyone because everyone at the show is in the same headspace.   

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Grayscale’s set was one for the books. The show sold out days before and once it was announced to be sold out the fans lost it, everyone was so excited to just get to the show! Opening up with “In Violet” the crowd instantly began to scream the words back at frontman Collin Walsh.  

When you hear the first few notes of “Mum” come across the speakers there’s a sudden shift in the crowd. The circle pit opens up and everyone starts running, always making sure to pick each other up when they fall. Mum is such a high energy song, it’s almost impossible not to jump around, making for a really good workout. Even during the slower songs, the crowd never failed to belt out the lyrics. All of the new songs sounded just as amazing live as they do in the studio versions. Be sure to check out their new album Nella Vita, available now. 

Ps. ALWAYS wear ear protection to shows. 

Photo Credit: Emily Hartmann

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