Spirit Adrift in Atlanta at The Masquerade with Axis of Empires and High Command

Written By | Cliff Yaun

Ironically, I just discovered Spirit Adrift a few weeks ago.  When I saw this show available to review, I jumped at the chance, and was really excited to see them live.  That being said, I had no idea what to expect of the opening bands, and was delighted to find two new bands to love!

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First up was Georgia native Axis of Empires.  If I had to describe this band, it would be “biker metal”.  Just some foot-stomping, sing-along-worthy, hair-swinging metal.  Featuring shredding guitar riffs and clean, melodic vocals, this band reminded me of Dio.  Songs like “Dagger” and “The Bleeding Never Stops” will have you pumping your fist with empowerment.  Singer Chayse Pannell even helped ensure metal burns on with future generations by getting the younger members of the audience involved with a live mic sing-along!  Great show, guys!

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A stark contrast from the opening act, next up was “High Command”.  I think I may have lost a small percentage of my hearing from this band’s performance.  That’s what you show up for at a metal show, though, right?  At center stage was singer Kevin Fitzgerald, who absolutely melted faces at Masquerade (Purgatory).  Heavily reverbed lyrics and super technical guitar solos absolutely blasted the crowd, with a stage performance that was visually exciting and even somewhat unnerving.  Reminiscent of bands like Slayer and Power Trip, this band came to shred, and they did not disappoint.

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Headliners Spirit Adrift were up next.  This being my first time seeing the band live, I had been listening to their music for several days ahead of the show, learning lyrics and preparing to hear my favorites at the show.  This band is classic metal.  Fast, but not blasting.  Heavy, but not hardcore.  Their sound is a wide range of shredding and beautifully melodic guitar guitar riffs and vocals.  The band lit the room up when they came on-stage and kept the venue engaged, singing along and banging to the end!  Catch this tour if you can!

Photos By | Cliff Yaun

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