Steve Aoki taps Natanael Cano for hypnotic banger “Kong 2.0”

Globally renowned and esteemed artist and producer Steve Aoki flips the script with his latest song alongside Natanael Cano in “Kong 2.0.” This song, which is a follow up to their previous “Nataaoki” off of Cano’s album NataKong, was released via Aoki’s Dim Mak En Fuego. The track is available to stream on all digital platforms today.

For “Kong 2.0,” two-time Grammy-nominated Aoki dives into a new sound and approach giving his international fanbase a different sense of his skilled musicality. To perfectly match the vibe and energy of the song, Steve fuses catchy rhymes with a mesmerizing melody that quickly kicks up the energy in this Latin dance hit. When mixed with Aoki’s musical acumen, Cano’s powerful yet effortless corridos vocals provide a new layer of excitement and nuance to the song. “Kong. 2.0” is yet another track in Aoki’s long repertoire of summer anthems that will be setting dance floors everywhere on fire with its hypnotically enticing beats and cutting-edge rhythms.

“Kong 2.0 is a follow up to ‘Nataaoki.’ The sound of ‘Kong 2.0’ swings more in EDM and House with Natanael’s corridos energy where ‘Nataaoki’ lived more in Cumbia and EDM. The new song is a continuation of Nata’s sound but now placed in my hands. The story continues,” shared Steve.

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“I love working with Steve. Aside from the fact that it’s a dream come true, we naturally make amazing music together. This is just the second one. But trust me there’s more on the way,” said Natanael.

Prior to the release of “Kong 2.0,” Aoki teamed up with English singer-songwriter HRVY for their song “Save Me.” The upbeat dance track carries a lyrically charming love story cloaked in waves of catchy and head bobbing beats. The song harmonizes Aoki’s unparalleled style with HRVY’s vocals to give audiences a sonic experience that is absolutely undeniable.

The visionary producer and artist also recently worked with grandson and Jasiah for the manically furious and guitar heavy track “KULT,” as well as his gametime-ready smash with SHAQ, “Welcome to the Playhouse.” Earlier this year, Aoki launched A0K1VERSE, a new ecosystem bridging real-world experiences with web 2.0 and web3, continuing to pave a path towards the future as one of the top leading innovators in the NFT space.