Summer Cannibals in Chicago at Subterranean

Written By | Alex Perez

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Summer Cannibals brought a rough yet empowering energy mixed with teenage rebellious tones that are reminiscent to late 90’s alternative rock. Live at Subterranean in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, the Portland band played to a jam-packed room of rock fans.

Starting off the show was Emily Jane Powers and her band. A great way to ease into a night of loud ear pounding music. The indie rock vocalist shows us that music can be playful as well as meaningful. Performing songs off her recent album Restless, Emily expresses her vulnerabilities through her lyrics over a fusion of bedroom pop and rock. Overall a fun performance, I can’t wait to see what kind of music Emily has coming next.

Djunah really set the tone for the night. The hard rock band went on after EJP. The band consists of musicians Donna Polydoros, Nick Smalkoski, and Donna’s leg. Nick plays drums while Donna plays guitar and bass at the same time, using a MOOG synthesizer. For only being two people, this band is fantastic and loud. So loud that at few points in their set people in the crowd had to cover their ears while still bobbing their heads to the music. Djunah’s debut album is set to come out this Fall 2019.

Following Djunah, Leggy took the stage. After a few extra minutes of setting up because lead singer Veranique admittedly packed the wrong instrument on tour and had to tune her temporary guitar. You can’t help but bob your heard throughout Leggy’s whole set. The band describes their style as femme punk or lush punk.

Headlining was Summer Cannibals from Portland, Oregon. The band is made up of Jessica Boudreaux, Devon Shirley, Cassi Blum, and Ethan Butman. With a high energy performance to match their music, Summer Cannibals is not a show you’d want to miss.

Photo Credit: Alex Perez

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