Summersalt in San Diego at the House of Blues

Written By | Madeline Thiel

Thursday evening in the streets of Downtown San Diego, Summersalt took the stage at the House of Blues with openers Dante Elephante and Motel Radio. Fans were excited for the show. The line to enter the venue wrapped around the building, eagerly waiting to get inside. After they were checked through security, fans ran down the two flights of stairs to claim their spot! Screaming echoed throughout the room as the lights went down and the first opener took the stage.

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Dante Elephante is an Alternative Indie Rock band from Southern California. Their music has an old 70’s vibe  A few songs into their set their lead singer decided to sing shirtless and the crowd went wild! At the end if their set, lead singer Ruben Zacatecas surprised the fans by by coming off stage and sing with the fans inside the pit.They really set the tone for the band following them.

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Up next was Motel Radio, an Indie Rock band from New Orleans. They got the crowd moving between guitarists leaning into the crowd and the band dancing on stage. With the help of Dante Elephante, they both got the crowds excitement for the main act Summersalt!

By this point, the crowd was pumped and ready for Summersalt to perform.

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As the band ran out, they all had smiles on their faces. The stage was setup like you were enjoying a day at the beach. It was full of palm trees and beach balls. Beach balls were being tossed across the room with fans singing every word to their songs. It was a night full of memories.  

While the tour has come to an end, you can still check out their music and keep an eye out for their next tour!

Photo Credit: Madeline Thiel

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