Tall Heights is a two-piece Alternative Electro Folk-Pop group from Boston, Massachusetts consisting of Tim Harrington (vocals, guitar) and Paul Wright (vocals cello) who, to kinda-sorta quote Drake, “Started from the bottom, now they’re here.”

No joke, these guys started by playing on the streets for exposure and pocket change. They were the people that we’ve all walked past before while on a hurry to our destinations, and now they’ve toured with some big names and are headlining in major cities all over the place. Tall Heights is a band that hustled from day one and built their career up to Superstar status on their own. They are inspirational to other budding musicians and have done what newer bands aspire to do. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all singing along to Tall Heights next hit on our hurried way to those destinations again.

Here at IMPRINT we were given early access to Tall Heights fantastic new eleven song album called Pretty Colors For Your Actions being released October 5th, 2018, so I sat down to take it all in.

I expected to have a song or two really stand out to me, but truthfully this entire album was unbelievably good from start to finish. I have to admit that I’ve now had this album on repeat for almost a week since being given this task. I cannot get these songs out of my head!

    1. Not Like It Was Is a great way to start out this amazing album!The different instrumental sounds in this song are wonderful. Smooth trumpets and beautiful harmonies between Tim and Paul. This song has been released as a music video and is available to watch at the end of this article.
    2. Midnight Oil A slower song with a mellow vibe and deep bass sounds that quickly changes to a pop-like tempo for the chorus. I feel like this is one of those songs that people will say “it’s the perfect make-out song.” So get that chapstick ready, folks.
    3. House On Fire Another song with interesting instruments from the first note, this time playing with with the saxophone. This song is upbeat and happy, it’s hard to keep still while listening to it. It feels like the perfect song to listen to in the car, I can’t wait to add it to my driving Spotify playlist!
    4. White Frost “It’s your touch, it’s your touuuuuccch, it’s youuuuu.” I can’t get these lyrics out of my head. Brushing my teeth, “it’s your touch”. Washing my hair in the shower, “it’s your tooooouuuuuch,”. Making dinner, “it’s youuuuuu.” Definitely a catchy song.
    5. Oslo This song gave me a classical rock vibe while listening to it. It didn’t have the horned instruments like many of the previous songs did, but still stayed true to their vocal sounds. The harmonies in this song were pleasant and leaves me feeling very relaxed.
    6. Red Bird This song is fun, upbeat and catchy! There is a beautiful array of stringed instruments in the beginning that sounds like an orchestra before it moves into a quicker tempo for the remainder of the song.
    7. Gold This is by far my favorite track on this album, I am so pained that I can’t share it right now. This song is one of the slower ones, and has a very close resemblance to an acoustic song. Honestly, it’s strange for me to like songs that are of this tempo, there’s very light drums and the sounds of a sad cello, but it gives me goosebumps. Incredible song.
    8. The Deep End This is my second favorite song on this album and another one I have listened to a lot lately. It’s a got a cheery, encouraging feel to it. ” I’m a man with a plan when it comes to this… I’m sinking in the deep end, try and change my mind.” This song is the powerhouse song of this album and is also one of the two released as a teaser that you can view at the end of this article!
    9. Over Now This song gave me a similar vibe to Midnight Oil with the sounds of deep bass. However the lyrics are a little more personal and sad than the others, “Honey i let you down”, “I’m waking up to empty space, cause i turned my pockets out“, “its all too much” for brief lyrical quoting. It also has a really nice sound with the strings, I find myself whistling the instrumental part at random times throughout the day. A good song, but not exactly one that you would want to listen to if you’re in a happy mood.
    10. Fire Escape This song has probably the most electronic sound to it, it has an 80’s sort of pop vibe. There is strong synth that makes it impossible to sit still and lyrics that are easy to sing along with. “When my senses begin to fade, I remember you looked my way.”  
    11. Roanoke Wrapping up the album just right, this song gives a range of basically everything that was shown throughout the album. It has a very eclectic sound. Stringed instruments, horned instruments, different tempos and wonderful harmony, it was the perfect way to bring this eleven song album to an end.

So overall, I personally have to give this album a 100 out of 10. I would one-hundred percent blow out my speakers to play everything as loud as possible. Everyone should check out Tall Heights and keep an eye out for their new album Pretty Colors For Your Actions being released on October 5th, 2018; I know that I’ll be sharing many of these songs with my friends and family as soon as I possibly can!

Tall Heights is currently on tour, you can check out this link HERE to see if they’re stopping in your city!

For now, you can keep up to date with all things Tall Heights by checking out their website, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Youtube. See their newest music videos released from this album to give your eardrums a teaser of this awesome!

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