Tayc in Toronto at Phoenix Concert Theatre

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Written By | David Lam

Julien Bouadjie, famously known as Tayc, is a Cameroonian-French singer and songwriter from France. Traveling across the Atlantic ocean, he landed in Canada where he performed in both Montreal and Toronto, both highly populated French audiences.

On Sunday, September 25th, 2022, Tayc had a sensational performance at the Phoenix concert theatre and left the audience speechless. Opening for his concert, French-Canadian Zach Zoya performed a few of his best hits to get the crowd warmed up including “Upper Hand”, “Smoke & Dance” and “Start Over”. Born and raised in Montreal, it was the perfect opener as his French music was properly catered to the right audience.

As Tayc arrived on stage, the crowd’s cheers engulfed the room with energy and excitement. Performing his opening and one of his most popular songs, “N’y pense plus”, it was beautiful to witness everyone jumping up and down. Given that he’s a French singer, he spoke in French the entire night and as expected, the majority of the crowd understood French. Luckily, as a French speaker myself, this enhanced the concert experience and gave such a unique feel to the environment.

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The commonality of French brought the audience closer to each other and to singer, giving a sense of exclusivity and more importantly, family. And by far, the most unique part of the whole concert experience was that everyone in the venue knew every song word for word in French. As the concert continued throughout the night, he played his other popular songs “Moi, je prouve”, “D O D O” and “le temps”. As it sounds, this was one of the most energetic and lively concert I’ve ever seen. The connection between the crowd and the singer was astronomical and nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Overall, Tayc traveling across the world and delivering such a stellar show in French made it one of the most memorable nights.

Photos By | David Lam