The Fillmore was PACKED! Crowds were wrapped around multiple blocks to experience Collective Soul | 3 Doors Down

Written By | Michael Nelson

Photos By | Brandon Thrift

The Fillmore was packed. Crowds were wrapped around multiple blocks surrounding the venue. The trademark purple chandeliers hung from the industrial-style ceilings of The Fillmore. This with the buzz of the concert goers created a feeling of growing expectation. Later in the night, the walkways surrounding the stage were desolate as all the audience was captivated by the performance.

Collective soul broke the silence with a melancholy showtune that would be the intro to their song, “Now’s the Time.” The lead singer, Ed Roland, took the stage with a fresh energy and the crowd loved it. Roland dawned a wide-brimmed hat and circular glasses that. Roland turned to the piano and percussively plucked the beginning to their radio hit, “Shine.” The chorus grew with intensity from the many fans singing along. Throughout the performance Roland would take stoic poses and just stare into the crowd. Although this felt a bit awkward, it did create a mystic sort of presence. Roland’s singing began to deteriorate. It was if he were giving it all that he had but had ran out of “it.” He admitted that he was losing his voice, and humorously went on to mock a stage hand, “I’ve lost my voice and you bring me a bucket?!”All in all, the performance was excellent.

Before 3 Doors Down began playing, a stage hand brought out two large American flags adorned with a golden eagle. This gesture was well appreciated since the show was on the anniversary of 9/11. The band opened with “Duck and Run,” an eerie rhythm-driven song that would set the pace for the rest of the night. The song’s political lyrics hinted towards the presence of an American flag. Where Roland may have been a bit more reserved on the stage, Brad Arnold, the lead singer of 3 Doors Down, was the complete opposite. Energetically he bounced around the stage. This paired with the black silhouettes of the other members standing in front of large LED screens made for a very visually appealing experience.

Both bands performed in a very professional manner and it was obvious that they both resonate very strongly with their fan base. The many looks of inspiration on concert-goers faces was palpable. It was an experience everyone that attended will remember as a patriotic, rock infused, night.

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