The Floozies – Chicago’s Miracle on Dunk Street

Written By | Victor Fuentes

Last Friday evening, Chicago’s Concord Music Hall was graced with the presence of a sold out show filled to the brim with eager funk fans dying to cheer on the Floozies. The duo, Matt and Mark Hill, were in town December 21st and 22nd for their Miracle on Funk Street shows.

The city was clammy and cold that night. But the rain seemed to stop just as the doors opened up to the historic Logan Square venue. As the crowd poured in, they were greeted by the dark hypnotic bass of the show’s opener, Mersiv (formally known as Benoit). Anderson Benoit Gallegos, a Colorado native, performed tracks from The Mersiv Project, as well as a hand full of unreleased tracks that amplified the crowd. As Anderson jumped around and raged on stage, it was clear he was having as much fun as the attendees. The third year artist was a hit and as he left the stage he announced he would be returning in May 2019 for southern Illinois’ Summer Camp Music festival.

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Photo By | Victor Fuentes

There was a restlessness amongst the crowd as Mersiv left the stage. Many moved up in a frenzy as drums and mics were run out by the sound crew. Those who weren’t fighting their way to the front had run off to purchase Floozie themed holiday merch. One fan up front said he was beaming with excitement and had driven over 4 hours from his Iowa home to experience the Floozies live for the first time.

As they took the stage there was a roar that shook the ground. Balloons and smoke filled the air and paired beautifully with the band’s epic light show. The funk was alive and well as Hippies decked out in Floozies gear and colorful clothing danced to their heart’s content. The horn section wailed away along with Matt on the strings and Mark banging away on the drums. Their energy was surging through the venue and there wasn’t a bored soul in sight. The Floozies lit Chicago up and showed the town just exactly why they are the kings of electro funk.

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Photo By | Victor Fuentes

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