“The Universe is Undefeated” Danity Kane at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA

“The Universe is Undefeated” Tour by Danity Kane took place right here at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, November 2nd at 8pm. Not only was there the famous DanityKane, but also touring with them they brought along some new and upcoming extremely talented artists.

See a Sneak Peak of Zay’ Marie’s Performance Here.

Opening up the show for Danity Kane was Zay’ Marie, a beautiful young lady with extreme talented vocals from Atlanta, Georgia. Sampling a couple songs and also performing her very own written songs she and her band pulled the entire crowd in with her voice, range, and sound. Many fans cheered and praised her singing with how gentle and furious she pushed her voice. She already had many fans from before to witness her perform, but for many new people seeing her for the first time they were definitely blown away. Zay’ Marie is most definitely on the rise to the top.

Following after the first performance came Weareglo96. Three young talented women with not only extreme fierce vocals and sound, but also extreme fiery dance skills. This Atlanta crowd was not expecting these young ladies to go off with these slick and dope moves. It takes so much energy, drive, motivation, and confidence to do what these ladies did; and not once was the crowd not entertained. “WeareGlo96” had the crowd of fans pulled in the entire time. During the performance of Glo96, a special guest popped in between their show who was known for songs “Danger (BeenSoLong)”, “Laundromat” and other big hits from the early 2000’s, her name is Nivea.

Right here from Atlanta, Georgia she made a surprise appearance and performed at the Buckhead Theatre during Danity Kane’s tour. Fans jammed to her music and reminisced. The crowd was most definitely excited to see Nivea! Finally closing out their own tour came DanityKane. With songs from the past and new hits today with alot of exclusive choreography they nailed the show closingout! The fans definitely came to a great show and left out thrilled!

See More Photos From The Show Here.

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