Shinedown and Godsmack had an incredible show in Dallas at Dos Equis Pavilion on a cloudy Sunday night

Written By | Alexandra Thomas

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Shinedown and Godsmack had an incredible show in Dallas on a cloudy Sunday night.   The bands played at the outdoor venue, Dos Equis Pavilion, and after many nights of rain in Dallas Mother Nature decided to let everyone stay dry and enjoy this great show.
The crowd came running through the gates the moment the gates had opened.  These passionate fans were so thrilled to see their favorite bands live.  The crowd’s excitement level grew more and more throughout the night. Shinedown hit the stage and a loud uproar started.
Shinedown’s first song of the night was “Sound of Madness” followed up by “Diamond Eyes”.  As “Diamond Eyes” was almost over, Brent Smith (the lead singer of Shinedown) walked up to the front of the stage to shake every photographers hand before the photographers had to leave. Later in the show, Shinedown played their hit song, “Second Chance”, and the audience sang along to every word. The band then played a cover of Lynard Skynyrd’s song, “Simple Man”, and the entire audience lit up the pavilion with their phones and lighters as they sung along with the band.

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Although the crowd was sad that Shinedown was over, everyone was pumped up to see Godsmack.  The band started their night with their song “When Legends Rise” and the fans were ecstatic.  The band also played their song “Voodoo” and the audience was jumping up and down while they sang along. Once Godsmack was done for the night, the fans were sad to leave, but so happy to have seen these bands live.
When these bands return to Dallas, there will certainly be a big crowd there excited to see them again.  The love these fans have for both these band was extraordinary.
Photos By | Alexandra Thomas
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