TOPS in Atlanta at Terminal West

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Written By | Andres Piedrahita

When it comes to the genre of Indie, there are probably many that come, but a favorite of many would be a band called “TOPS”. They are based in Montreal, Canada with a band full out of 5 members from drums, guitarist, bassist, lead, and pianist who form a beautiful band that plays some remarkable tones. TOPS had decided playing at Terminal West in 2020, but sadly COVID had other plans for them. They had decided to reschedule the show and push it to November 25th and let fans keep said ticket till the next show which was a fine gesture.

Now it being 2021, fans slowly started turning up and to my surprise it was more of a younger which in reality makes sense as they band was formed in 2011. While fans were waiting for TOPS, the opener by the name of “Sean Nicholas Savage” who is a solo band consisting of mostly singing, guitar playing at moments, and short interactions with the crowd. As Sean leaves the stage they became eager to see TOPS as they have been waiting for almost felt like years! The band took the stage with a style that made it feel as if we were transported into the early 90’s of per alternative music. As night drew on the guitarist had his fair share many beautiful solos as did the pianist! The lead singer as well had many moments of dancing that gave the crowd much joy! A beautiful show that many will remember!


Photo Credit | Andres Piedrahita