Walker & Royce Takeover Chicago’s Concord Music Hall With VNSSA and DJ Lady D

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Written and Captured By | Jason Vega

Hundreds of fans gathered outside of Chicago’s Concord Music Hall Saturday February 12th; for what would be one of the city’s best house music shows thus far this year. This was a unique experience with the stage set up in the middle of the room. 

Chicago is the birthplace of house music.  I, as well as many other fans were thrilled to see Chicago’s very own “House music queen” DJ Lady D would be an opener.  Darlene Jackson better known as DJ Lady D is a local legend. Starting her career back in the early 90s, she is recognized as a pioneer of the genre. She mixes a lot of house, disco, afro house, and techno. She is so stylistic and creative in her mixing It’s impossible to stand still when Lady D is spinning.

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Her set included plenty of house and disco. I was surprised to hear elements of vogue beats; as well as jersey club mixed in as well. It was truly an honor to finally get to see DJ Lady D live in concert and get a feel for what Chicago’s House music scene was like during its prime. I Spent a good amount of time trying to shazam songs during her set with little to no luck in finding anything; however, you can find her music as well as some of her mixes on SoundCloud under artist name “Djladyd”.

VNSSA took over the decks and didn’t disappoint. Originally starting her career off drumming for local indie and rock bands. Shortly after she put down the drumsticks and picked up some turntables playing gigs at house parties and clubs. With over 7 years of djing experience and 3 years of producing she released her first single in 2018; and has since then amassed over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Some of my favorite parts of her set were her remix of “tequila by the champs”.  Her remix of Oliver Trees hit song “Miss you”. During her set a fan gave her a pair of gold sunglasses that had the biggest chain on them. It’s very clear to me that her fans love her just as much as they love her music, if not more. I had a chance to take a photo with her and she gave the cutest sticker that said “VNSSA Pro Bass” and looks like the Bass Pro logo.

VNSSA Brought on Walker and Royce towards the end of her set. They played their newest single “Outer Space”. A very bass heavy tech house track that was the perfect lead into Walker and Royce’s set.  The duo consists of Sam Walker and Gavin Royce. The pair makes irresistible tech house hits. Their set consisted of hits such as “Word”, “No Drama”, “Dance with me” and my favorite “Not About You”. They Had a more Techno sound for their set which fans seem to like a lot.

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Between the stage setup, smaller venue size, and smaller crowd size towards the end of the show; The show felt super intimate.  It was truly an amazing experience. The fan base for these DJ’s has such a strong sense of community. If you’re a fan of house music I definitely recommend catching these guys live if you get the chance. 

Jason Vega