WAVEDASH sends shockwaves in the dubstep world with ethereal new release that forces you to reflect

Set to be released January 22, 2021

Written By | Maddie Bourne

A wavedash is an air dodging approach used in retro video games such as Smash Bros., that sees a character slice through the air and land at a sharp distance away. Much alike, WAVEDASH’s next single feels like a distinct slice through the zeitgeist. “By Any Means”,  created by the rather unassuming Gavin, Luke and Michael, and featured on their forthcoming album on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s label, Gud Vibrations, sharpens the senses and forces you to reflect. Their satirically titled upcoming album, World Famous Tour, is a nod to our Covid-transformed world – with musicians and music lovers grappling with new ways to connect without the electricity of a sweaty gig.

But take a listen of “By Any Means” and you are transported to a packed, gritty outdoor venue, wind in your hair and ready to let go. The song reaches an intensity that feels acutely theatric. It’s provoked. Anticipatory. Ethereal synths heighten the senses, and the bitcrusher on the main line leads you expectantly to the moment the bass drops. Pulsating and consuming, the track culminates in the kind of bass drop that makes you want to get up and not so much dance, but vehemently shake off everything that’s been holding you back. 

WAVEDASH’s newest offering sees the trio tapping into new areas of experimentation, echoing early noughties’ UK dubstep, which means the track also feels hugely melancholic – obliging the mind to hark back to simpler times. The trio have identified the track as being influenced by the emotional angst that was felt, and still remains, having grown up alongside the birth of social media. And it forces you to think. 

The climax of the song leaves as instantaneously as it appears. The track feels in wait of something. Apprehensive, hopeful, anticipatory – entering 2021, it pierces the zeitgeist, evoking our fears and hopes, with a quiet resolve to go on. As the track opens, haunting vocals and the filmic, anticipatory bassline capture the essence of living in a fractured world. 

As we leave the track behind as we enter the third minute, the drums echo the earlier bassline, trained to follow and stand to attention. Interestingly notable, the drums kick the song down a few notches, becoming considered; reflective. Allowing time and space to think. 

An emotional ride, “By Any Means” ends with a soundbite; the questioning words: ‘Compromise? What is compromising? Compromising for what?’. In a fractured, polarised world, where echo chambers, the pandemic and information overload are the soundtrack to our lives, “By Any Means” offers four minutes of reflection and escape – a complexity that is not an easy feat. As we await World Famous Tour, take a deep dive into your psyche with WAVEDASH.